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WD-40 3 oz

WD-40 3 oz
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Item 132704
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What does WD-40 stand for?
WD-40 literally stands for Water Displacement, 40th attempt. That’s the name straight out of the lab book used by the chemist who developed WD-40 back in 1953. The chemist, Norm Larsen, was attempting to concoct a formula to prevent corrosion—a task which is done by displacing water. Norm’s persistence paid off when he perfected the formula on his 40th try.

The ingredients in WD-40 are secret but we can tell you what WD-40 does NOT contain. WD-40 does not contain silicone, kerosene, water, wax, graphite, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), or any known cancer-causing agents. Ken East (one of the original founders) says there is nothing in WD-40 that would hurt you, thus giving way to the thousands of uses it is great for!

Over 101 Uses for WD-40

• Eases removal of bicycle training wheels
• Removes grass stains from sneakers
• Lubricates hinges on compartment lids in boats
• Spray on golf club heads before play to reduce drag caused from a
lie in the rough
• Lubricates zippers on boat cushion covers
• Removes squeaks from shin guards
• Lubricate sections of telescoping golf ball retrievers
• Lubricates swivel on swing set
• Lubricates baseball pitching machine and prevents rust
• Aids attachment of spars to sail of kites
• Lubricates training wheels
• Cleans mechanical hoist gears
• Stops squeaks on training wheels
• Lubricates amplifier knobs
• Lubricates boat winches
• Drives moisture from a boat’s moving screws
• Lubricates sailboat shackles
• Lubricates noisy dock posts on a windy night
• Lubricates bicycle brake pad hinges
• Lubricates mountain bike derailleur
• Lubricates rotating weightlifting seats
• Lubricates inside of handgrips to ease installation
• Stops squeaks on bicycle seat coils
• Lubricates moving parts of rotating CD antennas
• Lubricates folding tent pole joints
• Lubricates cams of compound bows
• Stops squeaks on ski boots
• Lubricates moving parts of cross
• Removes makeup from carpet
• Lubricates pulley on sump pump
• Penetrates and loosens stuck screws on bathtub knobs
• Lubricates recoil starter on snow blower
• Loosens stuck bolts on mail boxes
• Spray handles of garbage can to prevent rust and corrosion
• Lubricates propane tank hinges
• Loosens stubborn curtain rod
• Keeps the throttle cable on model airplanes working smoothly
• Lubricates folding mechanism of golf pull-carts
• Lubricates bicycle shocks
• Stops squeaks on power air pump
• Lubricates runners on diving board to make fulcrum move
• Removes sap from boat frame
• Loosens rusted joints on tree loppers
• Lubricates knobs on propane barbecues
• Removes rust from and protects antique irons
• Loosens rusted parts of antique farm dinner bell
• Stop squeaks on patio doors
• Helps dismantle chandeliers
• Lubricates noise dampening bearing on outdoor paddle fan
• Frees stuck Lego blocks
• Helps loosen rusted parts on garden pinwheels
• Helps loosen rusted toilet seat bolts
• Lubricates metal joints on bed frames
• Lubricates mouse trap machinery
• Makes dead bolt locks work better
• Lubricates fans
• Lubricates casters on antique desks
• Removes squeaks from humidifier unit attached to furnace
• Keeps garbage disposal from seizing after periods of idleness
• Lubricates baby swings
• Lubricates handle
• Lubricates luggage locks
• Stops squeaks on baby cribs
• Frees old drawer-type broiler when stuck
• Lubricates ball bearings in chairs
• Spray top of bird feeder to make squirrels slide off
• Shines mailboxes
• Lubricates gears on old phonographs
• Loosens hard to open twist tops
• Lubricates shoe buckles
• Lubricates doggie doors
• Lubricates roof ventilation turbines
• Lubricates hamster play wheel
Removes streaks from Formica
• Cleans blackened skillets — after cleaning
• Helps keep wooden handles on garden tools from splintering
• Helps remove soap scum from bathroom cleaning materials
• Helps remove calcium deposits from bathtub drains
• Protects grout from mildew in outdoor shower
• Removes hardened wax from fiberglass showers
• Helps remove shoe polish stains from socks
• Cleans and protects fertilizer spreader after use
• Keeps ax blade from rusting
• Spray on bathroom mirror to keep it from fogging
• Lubricates shower door rollers
• Penetrates frozen mail box doors
• Prevents rust on patio furniture screws
• Lubricates locks on dog kennels
• Drives moisture from door sill plate
• Prevents rust on shut-off valve of main water source
• Lubricates springs on garbage can foot
Penetrates and loosens locking lever on windows
• Spray on shower doors to keep them from rusting
• Lubricates vacuum cleaner wheel joints and beater bar joints
• Lubricates steering mechanism on riding lawn mower
• Lubricates pullout handle on luggage
• Lubricates joints on stand mixers
• Lubricates latch mechanisms on snowplows
• Lubricates slide locks
• Penetrates and frees stuck mechanism inside power toothbrush
• Removes glue from carpet
• Spray on lamp arm for easy swivel
• Keeps VCR tapes from sticking in VCR’s
• Lubricates blade spindle in bathroom fans
• Lubricates hinges on TV cabinet doors
• Prevents corrosion on valves under toilet
• Lubricates toaster slides
• Lubricates vertical blind swivel drivers
• Loosens plastic pump handle on weed killer sprayer
• Keeps line from binding on string trimmer spools
• Lubricates old-style double-sash windows
• Lubricates and protects air conditioner blades
• Lubricates cork screws
• Cleans furnace nozzle
• Stops squeaks in trash compactor
• Helps unravel cleaning wands on vacuum cleaners
• Lubricates hide-a-bed retracting mechanisms
• Spray on lawn mower pull cord when stuck
• Frees stuck intercom buttons on apartment security systems
• Frees rusted hinges on fire alarm box
• Cleans remote controls
• Breaks down silicone when coating a toilet or tub
Lubricates crib wheels
• Lubricates bird house hinges
• Coat door knobs prior to painting to keep paint from sticking
• Lubricates runners of screens
• Stop squeaks in metal rocking chair
• Keeps refrigerator door gasket from sticking
• Lubricate wheels on kitchen bake center
• Unclogs shower heads
• Lubricates rototiller blades
• Stop squeaks on bathtub knobs
• Removes plastic cement from tools
• Stops squeaks on web gear (listol belt) during army maneuvers
• Lubricates wheels of rolling book bags
• Lubricates washer doors
• Spray on plant holders to stop squeaks during wind
• Lubricates hinge bearings on swing doors
• Lubricates swiveling vanity mirror
• Lubricate snap swivels on dog runs
• Lubricates piano lid hinges
• Cleans and protects grandfather clock cables
• Lubricates hinges on refrigerator door
• Lubricates crib rails to prevent sticking
• Stops squeaks on noisy bathroom curtain hooks
• Helps keep swinging plant hooks from squeaking
• Stops squeaks on noisy temperature control knobs
• Spray sewing thread to prevent breakage
• Spray on trees to prevent beavers from chewing on them
• Eases removal of brass fittings in toilet tank
• Spray in cracks between sidewalk and cinderblock wall to prevent
weeds from growing in them
• Coat wire tomato plant cages to keep insects away
• Spray around flower beds gently to keep cats out
• Spray bottoms of storage containers to prevent sticking to shelves
• Gets hair color dye stains out of towels
• Removes rubber cement
• Use a full can for a nifty paperweight
• Spray old leather shoes and the leather will become soft and pliable
• Protects fertilizer distributors
• Removes crayon from sofas
• Removes melted plastic from toaster oven
• Pre-lubricates threads on wood screws
• Lubricates stuck zipper on wetsuit
• Cleans and protects metal buckles on snow gear
• Removes stickers

  • SAE 10W-30
  • 1 qt bottle

Additional Features:

SAE 10W-30 meets the requirements of API SM/CF and ILSAC GF-4. It provides good all-weather performance in the most popular viscosity grade.

  • Easier cold weather starting due to excellent low temperature properties of the synthetic base oils
  • Clean engines and emission systems resulting from minimal deposits under heavy duty and stop-and-go driving conditions
  • Long engine life due to extremely fast lubrication during starting, and better wear protection during all other engine operating conditions
  • Chevron Supreme Motor Oils are recommended for all four-stroke gasoline engines in passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, and light trucks.

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